COM 9.2.1 What is HTML?

Learning questions:
  • How are webpages made using HTML?
  • What are HTML tags?
  • What are the most important tags?
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 1 Carry out tasks on projector screen. These activities will probably take two lessons. Students can usefully complete the quiz and research if they get stuck, or finish the technical activities. Welcome
 2 Discuss the aims of this unit  Introduction
 3 How much do you know about eSafety? Take this quiz to find out.

Start researching the advice about eSafety that you will put on your website.
 Start students on these activities and then stop the class as soon as everyone has begun. Students returned to these activities during downtime. eSafety quiz

eSafety research sheet
 4 Find out how webpages work and start your own page.  How do webpages work?
 5 Add to your webpage by copying the text from the worksheet. Print worksheet. Worksheet
 6 Use the instructions for more help with your webpage.  Instructions
Alt + Tab
 Extension: Start looking at the materials for next lesson. How will you be able to use CSS for your eSafety website? How are websites made CSS?