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COM 9.1.3b Logo using Photoshop

Learning question: 
  • How do I create a “good” logo in Photoshop and get a high level?
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1:5Ask your neighbours to help you choose the logo design you should develop.
1:5Read about how your work will be assessed.Edmodo codes:
9F Co2 CM24 Mo1: qmbs5e
9I Co1 WS01 Fr4: 2qgzkw

9.1.3_Logo Assessment levels.pptx
1:5Find out how to use Alt + Tab to swap windows quickly.Demonstrate Alt = Tab using Photoshop and Creating a Graphic in PhotoShop
1:45Follow the instructions on the help sheet to make your logo design.

Make sure you save your design correctly.
Help sheet: Creating a Graphic in PhotoShop