COM 7.2.1 What is HTML?

Learning questions:
  • How are webpages made using HTML?
  • What are HTML tags?
  • What are the most important tags?
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 1 Carry out tasks on projector screen.  Welcome
 2 Discuss the aims of this unit  Introduction
 3 How much do you know about eSafety? Take this quiz to find out.  eSafety quiz

eSafety research sheet
 4 Find out how webpages work and start your own page.  How do webpages work?
 5 Add to your webpage by copying the text from the worksheet. Print worksheet. Worksheet
 6 Use the instructions for more help with your webpage.  Instructions
Alt + Tab
  Extension: Start looking at the materials for next lesson. How will you be able to use CSS for your eSafety website? How are websites made CSS?