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COM 7.3.1 How are pictures produced?

Learning question(s)
  • How do bitmaps make a picture?
  • How do vector objects make a picture?
 Mins Activities Teacher Notes Resources
 1: Carry out tasks on projector screen.  Welcome
 2: Discuss the difference between bitmap and vector graphics.  Vector and Bitmap images

 3: Find out how a 8 x 8 pixel bit map is created.  Download 8 x 8 bitmap.
 4: Draw a 16 x 16 pixel favicon for a website. Encourage quick simple designs, such as Gmail or Google Sites. Favicon designer
 5: Draw two versions of a stage backdrop for a band. It should:
  • Repeat a simple shape
  • There should be two versions
    • one with no shape outline
    • one with a thick, colored outline
 Explain how a shape has a fill and an outline.
demonstrate Align Objects for an even grid.
  Review lesson