COM 7.1.6 Extending a presentation

Learning question:
  • How can we use feedback from others to improve our presentation?
  • How can we extend our presentations with more information?

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 1: Carry out tasks on projector screen.  Welcome
 2: Discuss the slideshow about hardware and storage. Think about how this information could be used to extend your presentation. Ask class to predict which column the devices will go into.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of fixed, removable and cloud storage?
 Hardware and storage
 3: Discuss the slide about appropriate presentation. Something's not quite right - what?  Appropriate presentation
 4: Extension: Look at the example animations and then use animation for one of these challenges:
  • Show how the hardware components of a computer plug together.
  • Show how the signals from an input device go into the computer and how the signals from the computer go out to an output device.
  • Show how a PowerPoint slideshow displays a series of slides, or a word processor display allows us to type on a screen and then print on paper.

  Example animations
  Review lesson