COM 7.1.7 Evaluating a presentation

Learning questions:
  • How much have we learned about hardware and software?
  • How can we use success criteria to improve our work?
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 1: Carry out tasks on projector screen.  Welcome
 2: Take the test to see how much you have learned about hardware and software. Test button Test
7J Co1 CM04 Tu2: pdxq2b
7F Co2 CM28 Th3: wzd2wj
 3: Discuss the success criteria for an effective PowerPoint presentation. Make sure your presentation meets these criteria.  Success criteria
 4: Extension: using the example for ideas, use animation to explain either:
How the hardware components of a computer system work together
How some software helps the user to do a task
  Download and view this slideshow
 5: Upload your presentation to Edmodo, so your teacher can give you some feedback and a mark. Turn in button Upload here
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