COM 7.1.4 Starting a Presentation

Learning questions: 
  • What makes an effective presentation?
  • How does PowerPoint make an effective presentation?
: MinsActivitiesTeacher NotesResources
1:Open 7.1.3_Presentation_design_sheet.docx from last lessonWelcome
2:Discuss what makes a good presentationDownload and show in PowerPointGood presentation
Appropriate presentation
3:Start PowerPoint and title your slides. Work as a team, to make sure everyone is keeping up.Download and show in PowerPointTitled slides
4:Add the text to your slides.Download and show in PowerPointSlide text
5:Add the pictures to your slides.Download and show in PowerPointSlide pictures
Transparent pictures
6:Download the animation examples and work out haw they have been made. Start a new presentation and experiment with animation. Animation examples
7:Review lesson