COM 7.1.1 Hardware and software

Learning questions
  • What is a Computer?
  • What is Computer Hardware?
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 1:5 Carry out tasks on projector screen.  Welcome
 2:10 Discuss the slideshow about hardware and software. Slideshow is in Edmodo. Show slides 1-17 Slideshow
 3:10 Download the worksheet from Edmodo

  • What is a computer
  • What is hardware?
  • What are input devices?
  • What are ourtput devices?
 7J Co1 CM04 Tu2: pdxq2b
7F Co2 CM28 Th3: wzd2wj
 4:10 Discuss storage devices and explain what they are on the worksheet. Show slides 18-21 
 5:5 Discuss storage units and answer the questions on the worksheet. Show slides 22-24 
 6:5 Discuss storage types and complete the worksheet. Show slides 25-30 
 7:5 Turn in your worksheet to Edmodo  
  Review lesson