BSA Lesson 4.1.2b FDI Advantages and Disadvatages

Learning questionWhat are the advantages and disadvantages of FDI for businesses?

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 1: Carry out tasks on projector screen.  Welcome
 2: 5 Do the test FROM MEMORY ie without looking at last week's lesson notes.  FDI Facts Test
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 3: 5 Complete the survey of case-study businesses  Survey
 4: 5 upload last week's homework to Edmodo.

Make sure all your documents for Theme 4 Global Business are organised on the school network and in Google Drive
 5:  Start a new document called 4.1.5 Foreign Direct Investment and use it to answer the questions in the following parts of the lesson.

 6:15 Explain how business specialisation can lead to competitive/comparative advantage  Specialization leads to greater economic efficiency and consumer benefits
 7: 20
  •  What could be the advantages and disadvantages to your case-study business from receiving FDI.? 
  • What forms could the investment take, ie. a factory, acquiring a UK company, a joint venture with a UK company. 
  • Find an overseas company that would be suitable for your case-study business to invest in. What could be the benefits of investing in this overseas company?
 8: 10 Review lesson Students test each other on 6 & 7 Review