BSA Lesson 4.1.4abc Protectionism

Learning question: 
  • Why do governments choose to protect some industries?
  • What measures can governments take to protect their industries?
  • What are the benefits and dangers of protectionism?
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2:15Use sources of your choosing to make a list of all the ways governments can protect the interests of their domestic industries.Trade protectionism and liberalization
3:15Play game simulating trade barriersDivide students into groups of three. Each student represents a country in a three-way negotiation. If threes are not possible, have some pairs representing a country.

Print one record sheet each.
Protectionism Trade Barrier Game

Record sheet
4:20Discuss and make notes about which of the protectionist measures available to governments would be most in the interests of:
  • The industries you have been given
  • The UK
List of industries
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