BSA Lesson 4.1.2a Trade Facts, What is FDI?

Learning questions:
  • What examples could I give to illustrate international exports and imports?
  • What is Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)?
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 1: 5 Carry out tasks on projector screen. Show mark scheme for current HW Welcome
 2: 20 As a class, contribute to the International Trade Fact Sheet to create a table of examples of imports and exports which you can memorise for use in exams. There are 8 tables, each with 3 rows = 24 rows total. Class to organise so each table has at least two rows completed. International Trade Factsheet
 3: 5 Discuss the definition of FDI.  What is FDI?
 4: 20 Find out who is investing in Hinkley Point power station. Is it an example of FDI? What do you think of this project? Post your thoughts to the forum and reply to each other's comments. Each student should post at least one opinion and at least one response to a post. Hinkley Point Forum
  Review lesson  Welcome