BSA 4.0.2 Presenting connections between Themes 1 and 4

What might be the connections between Theme 1, Marketing & People and Theme 4, Global Business?
Each team will have reminded themselves and the class about some of the content in Theme 1 and thought about how this may relate to Theme 4.

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 1:5 Carry out tasks on projector screen and discuss your thoughts with the class.  Welcome
 2:5 Discuss what form your group's presentation will take. Brainstorm possible formats for presentation.
Explain idea trading.
  1.1 Meeting customer needs
1.2 Market
1.3 Marketing mix and strategy
1.4 Managing people
1.5 Entrepreneurs and leaders
 Prepare your presentations  
 4:25 Each group has 5 minutes to explain their topic.  
  Review lesson