FSK 1.1.2 Importing and analysing data

Learning question: How can a raw data set be analysed using Excel?
Learning outcome: You will feel more confident about analysing data using Excel, to answer an exam question.

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 1: Carry out tasks on projector screen.  Welcome
 2: Upload your work from last lesson to Edmodo (this was the map and entrance price info for the National Motor Cycle Museum)  Edmodo codes 11F It2 Tu1: up6cn4 11E It2 Th5: ukjrjy
 3: Save the data file in your Y11 Functional Skills folder  Right click + Save link as:  Data file
 4: Read the exam question  January 2013 Exam question
 5: Working with a partner, decide what mark you have achieved and use this to improve your mark.  Mark scheme
 6: Check:
  • Have you completed everything in the "Evidence you must provide" box?
  • Is your name on every piece of paper that will be printed?
  • Have you printed each piece of evidence as a PDF?

Upload your final pieces of work to Edmodo.
  Edmodo codes 11F It2 Tu1: up6cn4 11E It2 Th5: ukjrjy
  Review lesson