FSK 1.1.1

Question: What is the Functional Skills exam like and how can I prepare for it?

 Mins Activities Teacher Notes Resources
 1: Carry out tasks on projector screen.
Discuss the lesson with your teacher.
Team for learning
 2: Complete the survey for your teacher Skills survey
 3: Discuss the lesson and how the activity will be assessed   Introducing lesson activity
 4:Read Task 1 of the past paper.
 5: Discuss how examiners across the country make sure they are giving the right marks Mark scheme
 6: Complete the Task 1and ask your neighbour to mark it using the mark scheme  
 7:Use your neighbour's comments to improve your mark  
 8: Save your work as a PDF and upload it to Edmodo  11F It2 Tu1: up6cn4
11E It2 Th5: ukjrjy
  Review lesson