FSK 2014 B9

Learning questions:
What skills is the examiner looking for in:
  • finding and selecting information on the Internet?
  • calculating numbers in a spreadsheet?
  • using the correct type of chart to show the relationship between two columns of numbers?
  • creating a slideshow?
  • keeping files organised?
  Activities Teacher Notes Resources
 1 Read the question paper. Note that the paper includes the resource booklet:
  • pp5 List of Fun Fit classes
  • pp9 PART A Task 1
  • pp13 PART B Task 2a
  • pp14 PART B Task 2b,c,d
  • pp15 PART B Task 2e
 Talk class through structure of PDF and Edmodo handins before starting.

Demonstration files:
 Question paper and resource booklet
 2 Use these resource files for your answers.  Resource files:

 3  Decide what mark your work should receive and how you would improve the mark. Mark sheets Mark Scheme
 4 Turn your work in for marking by your teacher.  Edmodo goups:
Tuesday p1 5cpwrq
Thursday p5 2qzkb6