Free ICT

Recommended free software
Avoid unwanted popups, browser tools etc. when installing free software on your computer, by paying careful attention to the choices you make when installing.

Open Office Installs on your computer. Almost the same as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). Files can be opened by MS Office. Available for Windows and Mac.

OneDrive Cut down versions of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) on line. Documents can also be opened with MS Office, if it is on a computer, so documents can be updated with the full software - closing uploads an updated version of the document to OneDrive. Powerful, but can be a little clunky. Includes free backup for 5GB.

GoogleDocs Word processor, spreadsheet, slideshows, surveys, websites and more. These are not as powerful as MS Office, but very useful and very smooth. Includes free backup for 15GB.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)
Lucid Press Posters, leaflets,etc. Very smooth. Free limited version. Collaborate with others.

Charts and diagrams
Lucid Chart Flow charts, organisational diagrams etc. Very smooth. Free limited version. Collaborate with others.

Mind mapping
Feemind Installs on your computer. Great, simple thinking tool.

Mindmeister Share and collaborate with others. Powerful tools. Three free mind maps at any time. Delete old ones to make room for new free maps.