BSG 2.2.1-6

Learning question(s)
  • How can we conduct research that we have planned to help us answer our chosen CA question?
  • Have we recorded the research we have undertaken in our Appendix on Google Drive?
  • Have we logged our research?
 Mins Activities Teacher Notes Resources
 1: Carry out tasks on projector screen.  Welcome
 2: Discuss the research process diagram to make sure you understand it.  Research Process
 3: Open these documents in your Google Drive:
  • BSG 2 Research Plan
  • BSG 2 Research Appendix
  • BSG 2 Research Log
 4: Follow the Research Process and record your work on the three documents you have open.  
 5: Add a column of dates to your Research Plan to show when each task should be complete.  Lesson dates
  Review lesson