BSG 2.1.5 How research is used in Controlled Assessment

Learning question(s)
  • How should research for the Controlled Assessment be recorded?
  • What does good research look like?
  • How is research used in the Controlled Assessment?
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 1: Carry out tasks on projector screen. Display welcome side on arrival. Welcome
 2: Discuss the example of a good Controlled Assessment script NB, you must sign in to your school email account to see this.. Talk students through the structure of the report and discuss the way in which research has been recorded in the Appendix, then used in the report. NB cross referencing from Controlled Assessment to appendices. Example of a Good Unit 2 Script
 3: Complete the worksheet to help you understand what good research is and how it is used in a Controlled Assessment. Print worksheet double sided. Worksheet - Studying Good Work - Research
 4: Using ideas from the example, add to the Research Plan you were sent from Google Classroom last lesson.  
  Review lesson