BSG 1.4.4 Effective on-time delivery and customer satisfaction

Learning question(s)
  • What is effective customer service?
  • Why is it important to fulfill customer orders accurately and on-time and dealing with complaints effectively?
  • How is customer satisfaction key to the success of a business?
  • What are repeat purchases and why are they important for a business?
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 1: Carry out tasks on projector screen.  Welcome
 2: Watch this example of great customer service! What lessons can we learn about customer service?  Video
 3: Task:
Research and make notes about the customer services offered by John Lewis or Waitrose. Look for:
  • Ways in which the businesses try to maximise customer satisfaction
  • How the business make sure customers get their orders on time. Do they make any promises on this?
  • Ways these businesses deal with customer complaints
  • Do you think they offer a good service for handling complaints?
  • Ways that customer services help customers before, during and after purchase.
Distribute worksheet using Google Classroom and put prompts on screen 

Discuss the meaning of repeat purchases. Why are repeat purchasers more valuable to a business than seeking first time purchasers?
How do good customer services contribute to repeat purchases?
 4: Take the test to find out how much you have remembered from this lesson. One print per two students. Test paper
  Review lesson