BSG 1.4.1 Marketing mix

Learning question(s)
  • What are the 4Ps of the Marketing Mix?
  • How can a business use the Marketing Mix to increase the chances of success?
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 1: Carry out tasks on projector screen.  Welcome
 2: Discuss the Marking Mix  Marketing Mix
 3: Working in teams, complete individual reports about how you would create a Marketing Mix for a new chocolate bar.
You should have been sent an email by your teacher with a template for your report.
 Template Gmail
 4: Look at slideshow to find out how to open work you have been doing from Google Classroom.  Finding your work from Google Classroom
 5: Extension 1: For each point in Price, Place, Promotion add:
  • evidence that you have made a good suggestion for each sub-section
  • a hyperlink to supporting evidence.
Example - show you have researched the price of competing or similar chocolate bars and add hyperlinks to pages showing those prices.

 6: Extension 2:
design a logo for your chocolate bar and paste it in an appropriate place in your report.
  Review lesson