BSG 1.1.1 Consumer Needs

Driving question(s):  How do the needs of consumers influence what a business does?

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 1:5 Carry out tasks on projector screen.  Welcome
 2:5 Discuss the lesson's driving question and uses for a paper clip. Bring out the idea that one product can solve different needs for different groups of consumers. 
 3:10 (optional) Complete just the * questions in the surveys Explain that the surveys are to help make sure that people are not asked to use ICT unfairly and to help make sure lessons are more interesting.
  1.  Personal IT survey
  2. Survey about you
 Show some real products, eg. phone tripod, solar bike light, bike lock, pen clip, drawing board.Product analysis

 5:5  Discuss examples of products that meet a customers' needs. 
  • What are the needs for each product?
  • Is the target customer the same for all products? If not, who is the target customer for each one?
   Customer Needs
 5:15 Complete task on last slide of Customer Needs  
  Don't forget homework for next lesson  Ask an adult to comment on the rules you have written, and record their answers to eg:
  • Do they think they are reasonable?

  • Would they work for you under these rules?

  • Do they think you have forgotten something that could allow other people to get away with contributing less than they should to the business?

  Review lesson  Welcome