BSG 1.1.8 Franchising

Learning question: 
  • What is franchising?
  • How can franchising make it easier to start a business?
2:10Write a class list of all the things a business will have to do to get started,Class list
3:10Discuss franchising presentationFranchising
4:10Find a franchise that would help you startup a business that would match your category of interests and skills.Show class how to search by category.UK Franchise Directory 
5:15Help Terry decide if he should use franchising as a way to start his business.

Be ready to feedback to the class.
Groups sort cards into two columns: Reason to franchise, Reason not to franchiseShould Terry franchise?
6:5Homework: Choose three franchises and list:
  • The services they provide
  • How many branches they have in Norwich, Norfolk, UK, Globally
Upload your work to Edmodo.
Handin homework to Edmodo

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7:5Review lesson