BSG 1.1.4 Mapping cafes in Norwich

Learning question
How could market mapping identify a successful cafe opportunity?

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 1:  Carry out tasks on projector screen. Discuss learning question and set homework/ Welcome
 2: 5 Open a new tab of the mapping template you saved last lesson. Label the axes for two factors that consumers would consider when choosing a cafe or restaurant during a shopping trip in Norwich city centre.  Market Mapping Template
 3: 5 Start a new Google Doc titled Market Mapping Cafes in Norwich Demonstrate how to manage Google Docs 
 4: 45 Answer the questions in the worksheet on your new document. Discuss different sources of data. Demonstrate zooming in to Google Maps and viewing business data. Worksheet: Mapping Norwich cafes
 5: Complete the worksheet for homework, ready to upload to Edmodo at the start of next lesson. Discuss alternative access to IT Edmodo group 
  Review lesson   Welcome