BSG 1.3.4 Introducing Cash Flow

Learning question(s)
  • How can a business track its fortunes with a cash flow table?
  • What do business people mean by the "bottom line" and why is it so important?
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 1: Carry out tasks on projector screen. Print request for all resources Welcome
 2: Make a Business Wheel of Fortune Print single sided in colour, on thin card. Show groups how to put a folded out paper clip through the centre and spin to make a selection. NB bending the card up slightly from the centre helps it spin better. Business Wheel of Fortune
 3: Watch the video to see how you will use the Wheel of Fortune. (£;46 mins) Check sound for projector. Video: How to use your Wheel of Fortune
 4: Discuss the instructions and then play the game. Print instruction double sided, on each.
Print Game board in colour, one each.
Use Board Game Emulator to show how the board game behaves. Each time F9 is pressed, a new set of random number is generated, to emulate the spinner.
Game board
 5: Copy your game board to the Cash Flow Table spreadsheet and use if to answer the questions on Page 2 of your instructions. Give out paper clips to fasten spinners to game boards. Cash Flow Table
6.    Upload your Cash Flow Table to Edmodo.
10H Bs1 Mo5+Th3: 4qhnn8
10G Bs1 Th4: 4j97fj
 7. Discuss the slide show What is Cash Flow?  What is Cash Flow?

 Extension 1: Reinforce and test your understanding of cash flow by following the BBC Bitesize pages.  BBC Bitesze: cash flow
  Extension 2: Read McGaskills Cashflow Problem, then use the McGaskills Cashflow Forecast to answer the questions  McGaskills Cashflow Problem
McGaskills Cashflow Forecast
 8. Take a test to check your understanding of spreadsheets. Collect in work and other prompts that could help students remember how key terms relate.
Test answers
 Test paper
  Review lesson Questions