BSG Lesson 0.1.1 What is a business?

Objectives: Learn structure of course. Discuss what business is. Complete a survey about yourself.
Outcomes: Now that the course is in three units. Learn a definition of what a businesses. Your teacher will know you better.
Driving question(s): What is business studies?

 Mins Activities Teacher Notes Resources
 1: 10 Carry out tasks on projector screen. Take register and check seating plan
Discuss whether £1 million is a lot of money
Discuss structure of course
Discuss team learning
Team for learning
 2: 15 Group discussions: what is a business
Copy a definition into your workbook
 Model group work and noise
Monitor group discussions and take feedback
Give out workbooks
 Definitions of "Business"
 3: 10 Complete a survey about personal access to IT equipment Explain how to use Bitsize.Online calendar to access this lesson Personal IT survey
 4: 10 Complete a survey about you
Survey about you
 5: 5 Review the lesson as a class  Review