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Lesson 2

Objectives: You will finish your game and add some dice.
Outcomes: You will feel confident about changing the layout of a spreadsheet. You will know how to generate random numbers and make a cell add up the random numbers every time they change.
Driving question: What is the difference between using a spreadsheet and a calculator for a calculation?

 Mins. Activities Resources
 5 2.1 Carry out tasks on projector screen. Welcome view slide 1
 10 2.2 Discuss the features of the finished example board game. continue the basic layout of your board game, incorporating the features in the example. File
 5 2.3 Look at the layout of the dice in the example file for 2.2. Notice that you will need cells to display the dice and the total, as well as cells to label the dice and total. View the slide to see alternative layouts for these six cells. Welcome view slide 2
 5 2.4 Decide where your six dice cells will go and add the labels and boarders. 
 10 2.5 Follow the instructions on the slide to make the dice cells show the random numbers you want. Welcome view slide 3
 10 2.6 Watch your teacher give you some hints about how the total cell can be made to always add up the two dice. Make your dice add up. 
 10 Complete your game and upload it to the Edmodo group given by your teacher.
 5 Review lesson Welcome view slide 6-7